Current Podcasts

A podcast were the Library Team discuss their upcoming projects and the creative process. Full of spoilers.

Conversations with Interesting People about the stories and art that live curled around their souls like a fat wyrm.

Cowboy Classics with Scott Paladin. Poetry and prose read by a gravely Texan.

Upcoming Podcasts

It Takes a Wolf

Horny Werewolf Noir

Az & West

Gay Space Adventures

Previous Podcasts

Hosts Scott Paladin and Zach Jaquays play the Mass Effect trilogy.

An Epistolary Actual Play of the RPG "Communication Delay". Many voices in a shared world.

Hosts Scott Paladin and Zach Jaquays talk about mythical and fictional creatures and how to make them better.

About Us

The Library of Cursed Knowledge is a podcast network dedicated to making whatever the hell kind of content pleases our owner and overlord, Scott Paladin.